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Configuring SharePoint / OneDrive Integration – self hosted servers only

In a self-hosted environment you need to register XpressDox in your Microsoft Azure Tenant.


NOTE that if you have configured your account to make use of SSO, then Steps 1 -5 should have been already been completed.


  1. In Microsoft Azure AD, click on App registrations and then on New registration:


  1. Next, give your application a name. Select the first radio button (Accounts in this organizational directory only). Select Web from the drop list, and provide a URI. Then click Register.


  1. The Application will be registered and you will be taken to a page which looks like this:


  1. Additional redirect URI’s can be added on the Authentication page e.g. your UAT instance.


Now add the following redirect URL:
http://localhost:54532/ (for use on the Desktop)


  1. Next click on Certificates & secrets, then on the Client secrets tab, and on New client secret. Add a Description, an expiry and click Add.


  1. Copy the Client key and secret as you will use them later
The Client key and secret will be used when you set up a Foreign File System, which you can find here.